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 Wellcome to Happiness Resort  Sai Yok Kanchanaburi Thailand

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   Our Happiness Resort 

Our Happiness Resort which is about 40 kms., from Downtown Kanchanaburi (or about 180 kms., from Bangkok, is sitting alongside of ever-flowing, natural clean Kwai Noi River of which non-polluted water flowing from Vachiralongkorn Dam non-stop all year round, with more than 50 cabins & buildings on the land area of 35 rai (16 acres), surrounded by nature of Bamboo trees, Sugarcane & Tapioca plantations and big & Flower trees and plants with Fresh & Clean Air – no air, noise, or water pollution.


Our Thai food is cooked by one of the best cooks in our area and every dish is tested by the owner of Happiness Resort before serving our guests. All the raw materials such as fishes, shrimps, chicken meat, pork, vegetables and other ingredients must be fresh and bought by the owner. Most of our customers have been very fond of our delicious & low price meals, some complained of gaining weight during staying with us only a couple of days